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FAQs about Dental Bridges

If I am missing a tooth, why can’t I just leave the gap?

This of course is always an option. That said, your teeth respond to each other, so losing one tooth can cause your other teeth to slowly drift out of position. As your teeth shift, they might not align properly when you chew. Misalignment can cause jaw pain, and lead your teeth to grind and wear down. Shifting teeth might also become loose, and more susceptible to other problems. Filling the gap – whether using a bridge or some other prosthetic device – can prevent these issues while providing aesthetic and functional benefits that come from having a full mouth of teeth.

Are dental bridges the only way to treat missing teeth?

Dental bridges are one of many prosthetic options for replacing missing teeth. Bridges work well in many cases, but are not always the best option. Some patients will find great long-term benefits by using a dental implant. Other patients might benefit from removable solutions such as partial dentures. Bluebonnet Family Dental will help you determine the best solution for your needs.